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Bif Naked


It was a Monday,
When my lover told me
"Never pay the Reaper with love only"
What could I say to you, except
"I love you"
And "I'd give my life for your's"

chorus : (x 3)
I know
We are
Are the lucky ones


Remember the time we made love in the roses ?
And you took my picture in all sorts of poses!
How could I ever get over you
When I'd give my life for your's

chorus (x 4)
My dear

It's time to say
I thank god for you (x 2)
In each and every single way
And, I know
I know (x 7)
It's time to let you know
Time to let you know (x 2)
Time to sit here and say!

chorus (x 4)
Dear (x 2)

We are the lucky ones dear, dear (x 2)
We are the lucky ones dear (x 3)