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Kevin Hearn

Monsters Anonymous

Hello, and welcome, to the first general meeting of the Monsters Anonymous

Hello my name is T-Rex
I think I've got a complex
I always want to smash the duplex.

Hello my name is Loch Ness
I've been living in the darkness
I won't bore you with my regrets

Hello I am a Cyclops
I think I'm losing my chops
I'm addicted to my eyedrop

I'm Frankenstein's creation
And here's my explanation
Why I'm bad at pro-creation
My nuts are in my neck

I'm the monster under your bed
I'm hungry I've not been fed
Maybe I'll eat your head

Hi I'm the Minotaur
For three thousand years or more
One/nil has been the score

Hello I am a Giant
If you're wondering where your car went
Go look in my footprints

Finally daylight has come
Don't blink your eyes or it's gone
You better run

Thank you for attending the first general meeting of the Monsters Anonymous