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Abra Moore

Trip on love

I let my guard down
In a momentary lapse of emotion
And it just slipped out
That we both knew my heart could be broke

I said something I never intended to say
You stopped laughing
And asked me, "do you feel alone in that way"

chorus :
Do you trip on love
Do you run from magic
When you kiss someone
Do you make it tragic
If you feel too much
Do you start to panic
When your word comes out
Do you trip on love

I just stood there
Had expected another reaction
Out of thin air
In the strangest sense of satisfaction
Can you tell me
How you see me somewhere
And if you held me
Would you let me see a part of yourself


When we go
Do we say
This means less than we know it does
Please tell me


When your word comes out do you trip on love

Don't you wanna love me no more
That is why I love you so much (x 2)