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It's over now

She comes up
And everytime
She sees what I could be
A corentine or something
Just won't stop touching me
And I wait here another time
Like a thousand times before
Droping out and faded
But I keep on wanting more

She comes up
Another time
And she really really doesn't care
That I can't keep time or the rythm straight
'Cause it's one thing she don't dare
Yeah it's alright I droped the line
Now it's one thing to be free
Well I never really had a thing for that
But it's everything I love

chorus :
And you don't ever understand
It's right here where you're
As the outline over us
It's over now

She wakes up from a deeper sleep
A nightmare through and through
She won't stop tripping on the daytime fine
But that's one thing I won't do
And it's over (over back again) back again
She's still on viotech
But I'm convinced I found a reason
To keep her coming back


You won't ever be happier
Until you find that special place where you belong
And you won't ever be happier
Until you find out what it is (x 2)


It's over now (x 2)