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The way you love
Have you got a name for it
'Cause I don't understand it
The language is an annoying necessity
And I depend on all the regular things
Got a list tattooed on my memory
Of how our tryst should unfold

chorus :
I'm falling from the opposite
What good is it
Fight the map with no key attached
My heart's enlarged and I charge

What do you say
To a dream that won't go away
'Cause I don't know if I can stand it
Forever isn't something you want to be
And I rely on familiar things
Seven days all have special meanings
But you just call it a week

chorus (x 2)

The night is young
And the moon is a mother to both of us
We both understand this
Marriage is an old and tired religion
And I love all the traditional things
Domestic bliss and all that shit
Confusion is a definite direction

chorus (x 3)