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Stabbing Westward

Hauting me

Everywhere I go I see your face
And every sound I hear
Is the sound of your voice
Why are you haunting me ? (x 2)
Why can't I let you go, go ?

Why are you haunting me ? (x 4)

Everything about me is a lie
And it just seems that way
The hurt in your eyes now
The truth's got the juice out of me
Whoever said love is real, or love is blind
Has never felt the way that I have feeled
What does it matter ?
What's done is done
And I should get on with my life

Why are you haunting me ? (x 4)

I don't know what it means
But I can't seem to make myself forget
It's something that you said
Or is it all to get
Inside my head

Why are you haunting me ? (x 6)